Keep it Sharp, Keep it Simple.
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About us

Pocket Supply Goods creates portable, multi-purpose, scented grooming balms made with a curated selection of essential oils and fragrance oils. Each scented grooming balm can be used as a beard balm, hair tamer, and cologne, as well as a moisturizer for hands and cuticles. Everything you need, right in your pocket.


I have a big beard, a lot of hair, and little time to spend in front of a mirror. I need a versatile grooming product that can keep all of me looking and smelling good, especially when I'm on the go. Convenience and utility are key.

After trying out a bunch of different men's grooming products, I couldn't find what I was looking for. Some smelled too strong or made me feel greasy, and I hated the fact that I needed multiple products to get the job done.

So I decided to create the grooming product I was looking for myself. After months of research, late nights, and honest opinions, Pocket Supply Goods was born. A handmade collection of scented, multi-purpose grooming balms that tame beard and hair and leave you smelling good and feeling good. Everything you need in one pocket-size tin. 

Here's to making life a little easier! Keep it sharp, keep it simple.



  Co-Creator of Pocket Supply Goods


Pocket Supply Goods Solid Cologne

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