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What is Pocket Supply Goods All About?

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"Everyone in the room shouldn't be able to smell you."

I have never been a fan of heavy cologne. Strong sprays oversaturate the skin, imparting an irritatingly overwhelming aroma. Plus, it is kind of a pain to lug around a cologne bottle if you want to freshen up throughout the day.

I wanted something to complement my everyday nature. A refreshing scent I could steadily wear that wasn't overpowering. Since I couldn't find a fragrance that suited my needs, my wife encouraged me to create my own. She worked for an artisan-crafted skin care line and schooled me on properly making my own scent with natural ingredients.

I also wanted convenience. Something portable I could fit in my pocket to use throughout the day, not only to smell good, but also to manage my beard and tame my hair. Thus, Pocket Supply Goods' multipurpose solid colognes were born!

- Jayson Nix

  President of Pocket Supply Goods

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